Are you wondering what are the advantages of having
an 11-month Full-Time MBA?

We asked our students and here is what they shared with us.

Attending a Full-Time CIMBA MBA means compressing several different things in a relatively short amount of time: leadership training, 17 courses, monthly individual and team coaching sessions, neuroscience, negotiations, public speaking, PSDM KT workshops, and a consulting project.
In other words, while delivering knowledge, the CIMBA Full-Time MBA program also focuses on your personal development and your interpersonal skills, adding value to the whole experience.

Doing all of this in only 11 months helps you to stay focused on your goal, devoting yourself to your personal growth and completing intense work. Nevertheless, getting a Full-Time MBA means also being constantly surrounded by classmates and frequently working in a team, so that you’ll never feel alone. Indeed, achieving an MBA in one year allows you to really immerse yourself in the culture of the program and overcome all the steps above, by facing the weekly assignments within an international team of students.

This team building opportunity allows you to improve on your skills while bonding with your classmates, creating long-lasting relationships and making the subjects more understandable with the collaboration of multiple perspectives.

Also, through the consulting project, each team gets to know and work for an Italian company, where the students have the opportunity to put in practice what they learned over the previous month, knowing that if they play their cards right, they could have a job once they complete the program.

Finally, from a financial perspective, the CIMBA MBA, being 11 months, is more affordable because you potentially “lose” only one year of salary, instead of two