CIMBA Consulting Projects 2020

Finally, after two months of lockdown, things have started to get more relaxed and we are slowly getting back to our normal lives. Here at CIMBA, our full-time MBA students believe that, even without Covid-19, they would have been on a lockdown anyways to work for their consulting projects!

Joking aside, the full-time consulting project is a very intense, three-month project, where our students can put everything they learn during the MBA into practice. They are assigned as consultants to a company, and they collaborate with the employees to solve a problem the company has. Specifically, this year, the three projects have been very exciting and challenging: one for the digital transformation of a company, one about a machine for a new renewable energy technology, and one about the future of nuclear energy.

Let’s hear from them about how they feel at the end of this experience:

“The consulting project was a great way to test how much I learned during this MBA. At the beginning, it was quite hard because you needed to understand your group’s functions, how the company works, and you need to get familiar with an industry that most likely you don’t know anything about. Once the dynamics and the roles in our group became clear, and we understood how to support each other, the project became enjoyable and a great learning experience. It is a great way to put into practice your key learnings. It tests how you react under stress and it gave you quite a lot of satisfaction when the company tells you that they want to implement some of our recommendations.” Mattia

“As a recent graduate with little work experience, taking part in the consulting project while getting my MBA has been a great opportunity to challenge myself while diving deeply into my first job experience in a business field I didn’t know anything about. It hasn’t always been easy. I got out of my comfort zone and dedicated myself to an interesting digital transformation project. I feel grateful for the first the chance to focus on and learn from it, as well as for the client satisfaction after my presentation.” Alessandra

“Interesting experience which allowed me to look into a topic which was out of my comfort zone, applying all the concepts learned through the MBA.” Alessandro

“The consulting project was something new for me! I have never worked in that field before, and never with those concepts. For me, it was a great learning experience and something that will help me in the future.” Jaime

“The consulting project has been a great chance to get in contact with the industry environment and practice my new skillset. The challenge was twofold: working on a topic totally outside my background and doing it within a team where different experiences and mindsets come together. It's been extremely valuable, as I could improve my ability as a team player. I will be able to use the knowledge I built for future projects in my career. At the end of the project, the best reward is the appreciation of the client and the feeling of having done a good job”. Simone
The MBA class really valued the role the consulting projects played in their leadership development journey. These projects were not easy tasks. They came with many challenges and with many hours of hard work as you would expect from a real-world project. It is great fundamental preparation for our MBA students in finding their paths to their next jobs.
It was a great way to shape students to be future leaders!