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Neuroleadership Lab

The CIMBA educational philosophy helps you develop skills to turn ideas into practical innovations and to effectively manage and lead others to higher levels of performance. CIMBA’s programs give students, managers, executives, and up-and-coming leaders concrete steps to improve skills related to decision making, problem-solving, social and self-awareness, self-regulation, management and consulting.

Our MBA program offers innovative and unique leadership and personal development opportunities.
All of our Full-time students participate in a broad array of in-depth assessments, personal coaching, career and presentation workshops, mindfulness training, and more. Some of these programs are optional for our Part-time students.

The MBA program gives you access to one of the most comprehensive, highly personalized coaching programs in the U.S. and abroad. Full-time students have one-on-one sessions with coaches who help them explore issues such as managing daily stress and conflict, developing better social skills, adapting to social transitions, and more.

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