The Power of Cultural Diversity in CIMBA

As when I first started the CIMBA MBA program and was just getting to know my classmates, I was fascinated by a palpable quality that was present in many, if not all of them: the value of cultural diversity. While I fully appreciated the academic and professional properties of the program, each individual’s own background was a factor that captured my interest even further. Not only was I excited about mastering global business concepts and developing myself through leadership and personal development activities, but also about the idea of being surrounded by individuals with completely different backgrounds and upbringings from my own.

I found that each class session provides a platform to exchange ideas in relation to the course. We bring our own perspectives on customs and traditions, commercial practices, and the laws of the places in which we grew up. This experience alone makes each class much more substantial and engaging as it serves to prove that a person can truly bring a piece of his or her own country to other parts of the world. In essence, the cultural component of CIMBA allows us to connect with individuals who would not exist in our own environment back home but with whom we are likely to do business in the future. It is pivotal to building and enhancing a deeper personal and professional relationship, giving us an edge over those who have chosen not to undertake this path.

This pragmatic approach at CIMBA to encourage students to connect and learn from one another is most visible in its leadership training programs. In coaching, for example, we learn to envision clear goals for our future and then to carefully plan our actions in order to effectively attain those goals. Again, each participant’s background plays a major role in this process because one’s own culture can explain so much about how we each view the world and how we approach the challenges that life throws at us.

Along with learning how to be effective and productive managers, leaders, problem-solvers, and decision makers, we also learn to appreciate other cultures in building meaningful international relationships. In its totality, we truly see how the world works from understanding the qualities we can capture from one another, establishing a true sense of unity as a result.

I have been fortunate to meet and interact with so many people from different walks of life. It serves to remind me just how big and diverse this world is and yet how connected we are as humans. In many aspects, this wholistic approach to learning ties perfectly to CIMBA’s emphasis on neuro-leadership and the development of soft skills; on being sensitive, respectful, and open towards other lifestyles, in order to meet the demands of the dynamic cultural shifts in today’s society. The CIMBA MBA program provides us with a true cultural experience. As an integral component of the program, it naturally influences every participant and, as a result, we end up influencing one another with our own experiences. In turn, we come to create a unique community with a colorful variety of intellects. The thrill of being exposed to people from other backgrounds in an international environment is an experience that by itself makes all the difference!

Jorge Salamanca, MBA Candidate, Campus Life Coordinator